Sunday, January 11, 2009

Creating "Reality"

Still to catch up with the news today; traveled down to Sevilla this morning and apart from yesterday's 'Financial Times' there was no news for me to catch up with. Still that little confrontation with the mainstream press was, once again sufficient to confirm how absurd that press can be. On he top half of page two there are three headings that refer to the slaughter that is going on in Gaza at the moment. These are; "UN call fails to halt Israel push in Gaza", "Call for probe" and "Propaganda War".(1) Israel's ignoring international law was dealt with a couple of days ago, the call for a probe refers to the UN hinting that they might be investigating war crimes and the last heading is so ridiculous, and not only in light of the other two headings, that I just had to copy the content for you.
"After two weeks of fighting Israel appears to be losing the public relations battle as criticism over the Gaza offensive from United Nations officials and humanitarian agencies mounts."(2) The number of dead is approaching nine hundred and even the mainstream media in the west, a media that is generally very pro-Israel, can no longer ignore the facts. This is not a public relations battle that is being lost. With the the dead men, women and children managing to make it onto mainstream television screens and into the world wide web, the facts of this mass murder are becoming known to everyone.
Today, more or less, finished with an interesting little experience. Manchester United versus Chelsea was on television and I decided to watch the game in one of Sevilla's Irish pubs. Looking for peace and quiet and something to eat, and with temperatures of 14 degrees celsius, I decided to watch it in the little courtyard in 'Flaherty's. The courtyard takes on the appearance of a weeIrish village and there was me sitting reading the 'FT', eating my club sandwich and supping my coca cola, while watching the game on 'Sky Sports', the Irish version. A sort of escape from the "reality" of Sevilla and one is drawn back to the Middle East where our zany Zionists really do seem hell bent on creating their own very weird "reality". At least those three little headings in the 'FT' suggest that they might not be quite as successful as Mr Flaherty appears to have been.
1 'Financial Times', Saturday/Sunday January 10/11, 2009, p2
2 ibid
The picture was taken in the courtyard in 'Flaherty's Irish Pub' in Sevilla

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