Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gildad Schalit

According to a Reuters report, the French lawmaker Philippe Marini said that Sarkozy had phoned the Syrian President Bashar Assad to try to persuade him to get 'Hamas' to release the captured Israeli soldier Galad Schalit, yes the very same Gilad Shalit who I have mentioned in the post below. The guy who appears to be worth a lot of Palestinians and who appears to be more important than the thousands of Arabs that Israel murders with impunity. Alright, alright, we know the Israeli equation, which goes something like one Israeli equals, at least, a couple of hundred Palestinian babies but what is behind France's interest in the caputured soldier? Well, we hear from Philippe Marini that France's interest is motivated by the fact that Schalit holds French citizenship. Now let me get this right, this is a man who has been wearing an IDF uniform, who has been fighting for an army and a country that has committed war crimes, that has, more or less, turned his back on France and "La Grand Nation" is taking an interest in his fate because he is a French citizen? It really doesn't get much absurder does it .... oh right it does, and if I remember in one of my earlier posts I was reporting of the "hope and change" man's new Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, actually enlisting in the Israeli army during the first Iraq war. Hello Planet, hello there, wakey, wakey!

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