Monday, February 2, 2009

Barak calls for a tunnel from Gaza to the West Bank

There is Barak proposing a 48 kilometre tunnel to connect the northern Gaza strip with the West Bank.(1) What a generous, generous man and it is difficult to believe that this is the same Ehud Barak who has just committed war crimes. They really don't get it, do they? This is not about building a tunnel from Gaza to some "Bantustan" in the West Bank and haven't they heard of Resolutions 194 and 242? Anyway, Ehud I am sure 'Hamas' will building a tunnel of their own to the West Bank in the not too distant future. Moreover, with your mob having just carried out a wholesale massacre on civilians, do you really think Ehud that any Palestinian would want to use your tunnel and we can just imagine the headline ten years down the road, "we are sorry we had to flood the tunnel with civilians in it but terrorists were using it."
Articles like this make you realise that the Zionists are running on empty and that the Israeli population live in a wee world all of their own. Now, Israel will build a tunnel from Gaza to the West Bank, which Israel will control and if the Palestinians don't except their status as second class citizens in their own country, it can easily be closed again or even bombed. Wakey, wakey, and you lot really do take the biscuit.

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