Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gilad again and again and again

The news from 'Haaretz' today is that the Gaza border crossing won't be re-opened until 'Hamas' have released Gilad Shalit.(1) Now let me get this right; innocent men, women and children are being deprived of the bare necessities until 'Hamas' release "their" Gilad? This is not only absurd, it is also disgustingly criminal and hasn't "little" Gilad become a "cause celebre" for "our" zany Zionists who run around the illegally occupied territories kidnapping men, women and children with impunity.
In Damascus, in the meantime, 'Hamas' leader Khaled Mashaal has been saying that Schalit's release will not be linked to any cease-fire deal.(2) No, it might just be that Israel will have to free a number of illegally interned Palestinians, to see their "prodigal son" return home and I am left wondering not how quickly we will see the new celebrity, Gilad, in the 'Big Brother' house on Israeli television but rather how soon it will be before the hard-done by son of Zion, dons his IDF uniform again and goes off in search of "terrorists" in the occupied territories.

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