Monday, March 2, 2009

ICC indictes Omar al-Bashir

No doubt about it, Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese President, has, as they would say in Germany, "viel Dreck am stecken" (lots of dirt sticking to him). Therefore, we should normally be pleased to hear that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has indicted him for war crimes in Dafur because crimes there were and the evidence would seem to suggest that al-Bashir's role in them was central. However,if only it was that simple, and I am left wondering why there is no Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda, or Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda, making their way to the Hague. The answer, of course, is simple and that is Kagame and Museveni are "Uncle Sam's" friends. Yes, it really is that simple and that is why we should be answering the question, who gains from al-Bashir's indictment? Right, well done! There will, of course, be further instability in the region, a very important source of raw materials for China will be threatened, the area will be further destabilised and "Uncle Sam" can continue to do what "Uncle Sam" does best, raping and looting under the guise of the World Bank, the IMF and humanitarian missions. Interesting too would be discovering the extent to which the United States influenced the ICC to pursue its indictment. At the moment the United States does not recognise the authority of the court to try American citizens. One wonders then, if as a gesture, we will see the court's jurisdiction extended to US citizens as a quid pro quo. Of course, we won't and the world's "policeman" will go on murdering civilians, facilitating genocide and pursuing its illegal little wars, with impunity.

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