Saturday, March 28, 2009

It cannot really get much more ridiculous, can it?

It cannot really get much more ridiculous, can it? In today's 'Haaretz' we learn that an American judge has ordered Iran to pay twenty five million US dollars for the murder of an IDF soldier.(1) The soldier, who was born in Israel, had dual American and Israeli citizenship, the 'Hamas' operatives who kidnapped him had, apparently been trained in Iran. The soldier's mother, an American citizen, and his six brothers, who all have dual American-Israeli citizenship, filed the lawsuit and there we have it; a soldier who really could have been supping a cup of latte in Manhatten, captured in what is essentially a theatre of war by the enemy who had been trained by someone else and now that someone else has been successfully sued in an American court. Right, where do we start?
Well, the very fact that these people are allowed to have dual nationality when millions of Palestinians are deprived of a homeland might get us to begin to think and if that doesn't then what about this; the IDF who are murdering every day are doing so with weapons that are either paid for with US taxpayers money or are delivered directly to the Zionist state courtesy of "Uncle Sam". Could this be a signal for the families of the 1,200 dead Gazans to take the American government to court? Of course, these people are more likely to have no citizenship than they are to have dual citizenship. Moreover, has it ever occured to anyone that this was an IDF soldier who, even if he wasn't on illegally occupied territory at the time of his capture, would probably have ended up there at some time during his service and anyway, 'Hamas' operates from a point of view that all of the land of what is now Israel is occupied territory and, with the evidence overwhelmingly in favour of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine as a historical fact, they might have a few arguments in their favour. Of course, I could go on and on; why was the claim made, do those who filed the claim actually expect the money, what are the political ramifications of this claim etc. etc.? Here, however, I will content myself by simply concluding that it cannot really get much more ridiculous, can it?

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