Sunday, March 8, 2009

Two Soldiers shot by Republicans

Now I will be the first to admit that British troops should not be on the island of Ireland and I will be the first to admit that the national question in Ireland will not be fully solved until they have gone. Nevertheless, I really am forced to wonder what the so-called "Real IRA" hopes to achieve by murdering two soldiers in cold blood and wounding two pizza delivery men, one of them critically, in the process. The north of Ireland is moving towards an all inclusive society; indeed, it might already be an all inclusive society and one wonders do the "Real IRA" honestly think that the Irish Republic or anyone else for that matter wants them in their society? Moreover, the compromise made by "Sinn Fein" in this day and age does make sense, people are talking, demographics are on their side and those demographics along with certain economic realities will make a united Ireland, in one form or another, a reality. The form that that Ireland will take can not be determined by the fools who murdered two soldiers in cold blood, two soldiers whose presence is tolerated by a Northern Irish Assembly and government. Both of these institutions include members of the "Sinn Fein" and in light of this the statement from Gerry Adams, the "Sinn Fein" leader is to be welcomed. He said, "The peace process was built against the odds and not least because of the willingness of republicans to take risks and to be strategic and long sighted" and "Sinn Fein has a responsibility to be consistent. The logic of this is that we support the police in the apprehension of those involved in last night's attack".(1) A visit to those who were injured in the attack by the Sinn Fein leader or the the deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness might just undermine those intentions.

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