Thursday, March 5, 2009

the UK and the USA talking to the Hezbollah and to Syria

the United Kingdom is ready to engage with Hezbollah and about to urge the United States to do the same. Israel might not be too happy but "Uncle Sam" might be wooed and in the meantime the administration in Washington is trying to court Damascus. Well, if you don't talk, there won't be any solutions and we might have cause to be pleased. The academic caution is, however, well advised and I wouldn't trust "Blighty" or "Uncle Sam" as far as I can throw them. If Syria, and the Hezbollah, which represents about a third of the Lebanese population, are to be accepted into the "fold", there will be a price and, while that price might be one that Bashar al-Assad and Hassan Nasrallah are willing to pay, it will be a price that will cost the Palestinians. Israel might not be too happy with "Blighty" and "Uncle Sam" but they should be because with Syria and the Hezbollah "pacified", Iran will be isolated, perhaps, ultimately ready to talk and the Israelis can then get on with their own little divide and rule game. Perhaps, they will get lucky, isolate 'Hamas' completely, get Abbas to come to some final peace conference as the representative for "all Palestinians" and send him back home to Ramallah as the President of the first "independent" Palestinian state and what a state ........ the European Union will pay for a tunnel from Gaza to Abbasstan in the West Bank, 'Hamas' and other "extremist" parties will be banned in the new Democratic Republic of Palestine, an international community, that will not include Israel or the United States, will dig up a few billion to compensate the those Palestinians in the diaspora for the land that they lost in 1948, the Palestinians living in Israel will swear an oath of allegience to the Zionist state or they will be "transfered" to "Palestine" and humanity will be shown that ethnic cleansing, murder and theft really does pay.
Still, there is hope and it might just be that Assad and Nasrallah are intelligent as I think they are, that they already know how to play their cards and it is they who will short change the Anglo-Saxons this time around. It might even be that our zany Zionists realise this and in realising it they have every reason to worry when "Blighty" and "Uncle Sam" start to talk. For the sake of Palestine I only hope that I am right.

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