Monday, April 20, 2009

Ahmadinejad sparks a walk out at UN meeting

It really is amazing the way these people hit back; the headline in today's 'Haaretz' was that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that "the holocaust was a pretext for Israel's creation."(1) The text reads, that Ahmadinejad "charged the West with dispossessing the Palestinians "on the pretext of Jewish suffering from World War II."(2) The impression that is to be created is that Ahmadinejad is accussing Israel of wanting the holocaust. Well, I suppose Ahmadinejad leaves himself wide open to all sorts of interpretations and Hitler certainly didn't gas six million Jews in order to facilitate the creation of the Zionist state. However, what he is saying is quite simply that the holocaust was used as a pretext by the Zionists and the West to create the Jewish state. Indeed, the evidence would seem to suggest that he is anything but a holocaust denier as all none of his statements seem to doubt that the holocaust did happen. Therefore, what is he? Well,he is saying that Israel is a racist regime and here again, not quite right Mahmoud as Jews are no more of a race than catholics, protestants, sunni muslims or shiite muslims are. Still, we will forgive him that slip and, if I remember correctly, didn't Durban 1 equate zionism with racism? No, I am making Mahmoud dot his "eyes" and cross his "tees" here and what he is, of course saying, is that Israel discriminates against non-Jews, against Arabs. He has said that the Zionists used the holocaust to provide "moral" arguments that facilitated them dispossessing the Palestinians, he has said that the West facilitated this dispossession and he has said that Israel is a state where the Palestinians who live there are third class citizens. Now, our zionist "friends" are displaying their usual indignation and spouting out their usual drivel and there we had Peres today saying, "The gas has dissipated, but the poison remains," Peres said. "There are still Holocaust deniers and hot-headed skinheads in the world, those who bear the sort of visceral hatred that leads to racist murder."(3) Shimon this has nothing to do with the three main tenents of Ahmadinejad's thesis and I wonder why the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyhu didn't go to Switzerland to confront the Iranian President. Of course, they didn't go because there are no real arguments against what Ahmadinejad was saying. The Palestinians were dispossessed, the West facilitated this dispossession and the holocaust gave the zionists the "moral" highground in establishing their state, a state that some forty five years previously, almost ended up in Africa. Moreover, the treatment of the Palestinians, both inside and outside the green line, is, at best discrimatory, and at worse on a par with the Nazi hordes in their "occupied territories".
Finally, an interesting little footnote; after saying that he intented to challenge Ahmadinejad personally on his views regarding the holocaust and Israel, Swiss authorities escorted Alan Dershowitz away from the hotel where the Iranian President and his Swiss counterpart, Hans-Rudolf Merz were meeting.(4) This is the very same Dershowitz who started a witch hunt against Norman Finkelstein after the said Dr Finkelstein expose the opportunist and Israel apologist for the "academic" clown that he is.(5) In exposing Dershowitz, Finkelstein's thesis statement was not radically different from Ahmadinejad's. Yes, even rational clear thinking intellectuals can agree with mad "mahdi" propagating homophobes when it comes to our zany zionists.
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