Monday, April 13, 2009

Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitism

In writing, "Cheapening the charge of anti-semitism", Mike Marqusee enters into a debate with John Mann, the Labour MP for Bassetlaw, when he argues that a particular article by Mann is just one more effort to sully critics of Israel with the "anti-semitism" tag and "thereby muddy the waters in the debate about the Middle East."(1) The reference is to the article, "When language becomes an actor".(2) After reading both Mann and the riposte, I see myself as further supported in my hypothesis that the Zionists pull the anti-semitic card, not only to "muddy the waters" as Marqusee points out, but also to gain an "intellectual" and "moral" credibility for a machavilian "Realpolitik" that, in fact, sullies the memories of the real victims of the holocaust, while facilitating an ongoing crime against an innocent people. Or were Palestinians working at Auschwitz?
It is time for all of us to distinguish between Judiasm and Zionism and it is time for us to force the Zionists to be aware of that distinction, to become aware of the fact that we no longer buy their nonsense. It is especially crucial that we of the left do this for as Marqusee writes in an earlier article, "The elevation of brutal Israeli realpolitik into an article of faith is a mockery of the ethical, universalist strand of Judaism that once flowed into revolutionary social movements around the world."(3) Or what position do you think Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemburg and Leon Trotsky, to name but a few, would have adopted vis-a-vis Palestine? They would have adopted a similar position to that being adopted by Norman Finkelstein, Illan Pappe, Naomi Klein and Naom Chomsky, to name but a few.

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