Thursday, April 30, 2009

Information is not power

There is a little theory that is still being banded about which maintains that information is power but the 'New Statesmen' stumbles closer to the truth when it contends that "the electronic gush of information, and invitations to offer feedback, which comes our way can often obscure where real power lies."(1) However, I am not even sure that it obscures anything; "power is power" and although they don't always poke the one-eyed man's eyes out in the kingdom of the blind, he is certainly not king. The blogs, the feedback, the alternative media, they can all run riot, they can all have their little platform, but it is 'big oil', the 'neo-cons', 'Wall Street' and their mainstream junk that will hold sway and never at anytime has it been more true that in the West we live in a system, which grants us free speech but not the power to change anything and we watch helplessly as our governments pursue illegal wars, as our politicians commit crimes against humanity, as our bankers rob us blind. In the meantime, 'Real News' appears to have gone down the drain and 'Democracy Now' is probably struggling to survive. Moreover, with almost one hundred and ten million blogs worldwide, of which, 99% are, more or less, completely ignored, the 'media moguls', the boys at Goldman Sachs, Dick, George, Cony, the "hype" man and all their cronies here there and everywhere must be laughing their little heads off. An interesting "Brave New World" that we have landed ourselves in.

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