Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Obama Road Show

We are, of course, being confronted by some incredible nonsense at the moment and there is "ego" following the hype around the "hype" fellow quite closely and did he not do well in London to actually get all and sundry to prop up his not so murky, rather blatant, little global financial domination project? However, he has now moved on and after his little effort in Strasburg at getting France to commit more fully to the "new" NATO, he now finds himself in Baden-Baden, where he really does appear to have the Germans eating out of his hand and one wonders when Berlin will be committing combat troops to the Hindukush. Christ, even Adolf called it a day when he got to the Caspian. Yes, the NATO really has found itself an interesting little role, but surely with the fall of the Warsaw Pact, it had lost its "raison d’être" and wasn't Gorbatshev promised that if a united Germany were allowed to join the NATO, there would be no further expansion of the alliance eastwards? Well, all of that was "yesteryear" and not only has the NATO expanded into the former Soviet satellites it has also moved onto the former Soviet Union itself; with further moves into Georgia and the Ukraine on the horizon.
However, the expansion of NATO's membership is only one way in which "Uncle Sam" is trying to preserve his global hegemony. NATO has long since expanded its sphere of operations outside the territory of its members and today we are all threatened by Afghani terrorists, therefore, all of us will have to get involved in the fight on terrorism where it is to be won. What drivel, what disgusting puerile drivel; it is difficult to think of one incident where an Afghani has blown him or herself up outside Afghanistan but I read every day of Afghanis being killed by American and NATO bombs. No, what we have is one last desperate throw of the dice to get that pipeline built from Turkmenistan in Central Asia to India, a pipeline which would go through Afghanistan's rebellious Kandahar province and Pakistan. "Uncle Sam's" sycophants will not only provide additional cannon fodder but they will also lend the gamble its legitimacy. The stakes are high and with the "hype" man already appearing to have won the "money game" in London a few days ago, he is now ready to pursue the "Great Game" that I spoke about in earlier posts(1) with a renewed vigour. Yes, this is about hegemony in Central Asia and about geo-political domination of the planet and when "they are lying and dying on Afghanistan's plains, and the women come out to cut up what remains" let us at least have no illusions.

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