Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama's War

Having just listened to the 'Guardian's" Washington bureau chief, Ewan MacAskill's, almost matter-of- fact reporting on Obama's meeting last week with Karzai and Zadari,(1) and having listened to extracts of speeches given by Obama and his side-kick Hillary Clinton, I am convinced that the drivel that comes out of the "hype" man's mouth is not even qualitatively better than that of his predecessor and on hearing, rather than reading, Hillary apologising for the latest civilian deaths, I only find another of my senses being assaulted. The mp3 can be found under the 'Guardian' headline, "Pakistan and Afghanistan: Obama doesn't think they have been aggressive enough."(2)
Well it looks like Zadari, who like all "good" Pakistani politcal leaders is raking in millions, has taken the "hype" man's little lecture to heart and now we have the Pakistani army swarming all over the swat valley in search of "terrorists", al quadi or otherwise, real or imagined and the headline in today's 'Independent', "Pakistan faces biggest human flood since 1947",(3) at least gives us some indication of where the real problem lies, and it has very real roots in the mess that the British helped to create when they gave up their jewel in the crown. Moreover, for those of us who know what happened in 1947, the size of the problem today should be apparent and there we have the "hype" man, with his nonsensical talk about "democracy in the region", building his castles in the air on the rotten foundations that were created by perfide Albion and when it comes to him building his pipeline down to Karachi .... well, the "hype" man seems to inhabit a similar world to the one he would like to construct and in the meantime we have potentially up to a million refugees running from the Americans, from the Pakistani Army and from the Taliban.

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