Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Now, if you saw a bunch of wallies hauling a big wooden cross down Oxford Street with some of the wallies whiping themselves on their bare backs, you would think, well, you would think, "what a bunch of wallies" and rightly so and all across Europe you still find them and I mean just go down to Rome or Seville or Altötting. Nevertheless, I was thinking that for the most part you no longer see them in "Blighty" and in the non-catholic parts of Europe these nutcases are, more or less, hidden from view and that can be no bad thing. However, there was me thinking that "Blighty" is in the process of giving the God squad a back seat and then, all of a sudden, I discovered a photo, taken by Don McCullin in 2006, in today's 'Guardian' and there we have it, some "Shia", who have probably spent the whole of their lives in England, with nothing better to do than whip themselves silly in public. Time to bring on the hindus with that bit where all the wives accompany the husbands onto the funeral pyre and, who knows, maybe we can introduce public stonings for our sunni brethern. Of course, I am forgetting myself, we have to be tolerant.
The photo is from Bradford in 2006 and not Spain in 1706.

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