Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is the blog unblocked?

This is an opportunity that has to be taken; it would appear that my blog has been unblocked. For how long, I don't know. Certainly there is a feeling of déjá vu about this and my memory finds itself drifting back to China about eighteen months ago. Now, if the authorities in the PRC ultimately came to the conclusion that Jim's ramblings on China and posts on here, there and everywhere weren't worth bothering about, it might be that the government in Addis is now beginning to sense the futility of inteferring in my freedom of expression.

That would be nice, because otherwise things here are generally hunky-dory. Today we couldn't start teaching because of "administrative problems" but tomorrow we should be able to get the ball rolling. Still no printer up here on the university campus for us to access freely but we could have one down at the college.

One of my colleagues who works in Switzerland was quite funny today when he wanted to top up his Ethiopian SIM card on the internet and explained that that is how they do it in Switzerland. Well, of course, the way they do lots of things in Switzerland are slightly different from the way that they do things here.

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