Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wary and Weary

Gaza has been pummelled, the Hezbollah is being held hostage to the broader political spectrum in the Lebanon and it has to negotiate a UNIFIL-monitored south of the country in order to reach the border. It really is difficult to see how Jerusalem is going to invent a provocation that will allow Israel to start its next "little" war before the summer has finished.

However, if Israel is wary of the calm, as an article in the 'New York Times' suggests then it really would appear to be a case of gnotis auton for it is Israel, of course, who will break that "calm" and as the article in the 'New York Times' indicates, the pretext for doing so is already being sought. Therefore, while it is difficult to see where the provocation is going to come from we can, nevertheless, expect Jerusalem to come up with some absurd pretext for, once again, bombing innocent men, women and children.

It is in Beruit and Gaza that the people have good cause to be wary and the rest of us have more than enough reason to be weary of the continued drivel that is spouted out by rags like the 'New York Times' when it comes to discussing the Middle East.

In the meantime the illegal blockade of Gaza, the illegal building of settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, the illegal refusal to give the UN maps of where Israel has left millions of cluster bombs that maim and murder on an almost daily basis, and the illegal occupation of the Shebaa Farms continues.

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