Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Britain to lobby for Blair

Apparently Gordon Brown has appointed two senior civil servants to lobby "discreetly" within Europe for Tony Blair to become the new EU president. Another ego trip for the British government here or what are British interets in Tony becoming EU president? Well, for one thing the president will chair summit meetings of heads of states and governments, which means he will playing a dominant role throwing his tupence worth into the equation and when the man with the grin, the master of spin, throws his tupence worth into the equation it is going to be closer to half of the full shilling and, of course, it is absurd to expect Tony not to represent the interests of the UK, his transatlantic bum chums and his zionist friends down Palestine way. No, I genuinely object to this man, a war criminal, becoming the president of the European Union.

Unfortunately, he will be elected by a qualified majority in the council and he won't even need the approval of the European parliament. That is right, none of us get a say in the matter, not even through our tenuous links to our MEPs and somewhere along the road here democracy appears to be getting left behind.

Finally, it is suggested that one possible alternative from the right would be Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker and when I look at some of the other "possibles" I see former Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schussel's name listed. Yes, Juncker and Schussel are from the right but hold on is the suggestion here that Blair is from the left? It really is quite absurd, not only will the hypocrite with the grin and spin possibly end up as European president rather in front of the ICC in the Hague but we are actually being told that he will be a "left wing" president. Sometimes, I think I have a bit part in a rather bad B movie.

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