Friday, October 30, 2009

David Miliband as EU Foreign Minister

Well, the good news is that it is now official; our spin and grin, war criminal, chap has practically no chance of becoming the EU president as he fails to secure the backing of even Sarkozy and Merkel. That is the good news and it is to be welcomed. However, now for the bad news:
"As it soon became clear that Blair had no support on the left, let alone on the centre right. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Spain's centre-left prime minister, for the first time publicly queried the Blair candidacy by announcing that the centre left across the EU was more concerned with securing the other post of European foreign minister."

And why is that bad news; well it would appear that the so-called "centre-left" is a motley crew indeed and it would appear that the very opportunist, David Miliband, is a serious challenger for the job as high representative for foreign policy. This is a man who kept mumm when the ever so brave "IDF" were slaughtering men, women and children in Gaza, this is a man who thinks he can lecture Iran on how it should conduct itself at home and abroad and who doesn't rule out military action against Iran at a time when his own country is participating in the illegal occupation of two countries that border Iran. Moreover, this ingratiating opportunist finds it necessary to qualify any criticism of Israel with a criticism of the Palestinians, thereby contributing to the myth that there are two parties who are equally responsible for for the "conflict", this is a man who is effectively, knowingly or unknowingly, a zionist tool.

If proof of the above were needed we can find it in a report yesterday from the 'Jewish Community Online'; "Foreign Secretary David Miliband has expressed concern over worsening tensions in Jerusalem, and said Britain would press the Israeli government to halt evictions in East Jerusalem.
In a telephone conversation with the Palestinian Prime Minister, Mr Miliband also expressed his anger with Hamas to Prime Minster Salam Fayyad. The militant group yesterday urged Palestinians to boycott the January elections in Gaza, threatening violence against those who did not.
Mr Miliband said in a statement: “This betrays the Palestinians in Gaza who have suffered so much in the past year.”" "Britain would press the Israeli government", oh right, David, "press, press" and when it comes to betraying the Palestinians in Gaza who have suffered so much you would do well to consider the fact that your failure to criticise the zionist state contributed to that suffering.

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Anonymous said...

I first read the news that Blair won't become the EU President on your blog - my holiday is so much happier for this piece of information.