Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ms Habib and Gilad Schalit

It is interesting how the Jerusalem Post reports the release of "a would be" suicide bomber as one of the twenty females released in exchange for the video of Gildad Schalit. The paper states that the 32-year-old Ruda Ibrahim Yunes Habib of Gaza, was convicted of trying to come into Israel from Gaza on a suicide mission and then goes on to write that she has been in custody awaiting trial.

Well has she been convicted or is she awaiting trial? The truth might just be that another innocent Palestinian was just picked up and thrown into an Israeli jail. At which juncture it should be pointed out that, according to yesterday's 'Guardian' "more than 7,000 Palestinians are held in Israeli jails, nearly 400 of them without charge." So much for the "Jewish Democracy". With them, as with Ms Habib, we could suspect that, were they appear before a court, the farcical nature of Israeli justice might have a little bit more exposure than it cares to be exposed to.

Anyway, there was Gilad, who was wearing an IDF uniform at the time of his capture, apparently in good health. One can only hope that the more than 7,000 Palestinians who are locked in Israeli jails are in a similar condition.

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calgacus said...

Absolutely right. Gilad Shalit should be released, but it's hardly balanced coverage for media reports to mention the one Israeli hostage held by Palestinian groups but not the thousands of Palestinians held by Israelis.

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