Thursday, October 29, 2009


The European Union is meeting in Brussels to discuss climate change, financial regulation and ..... Tony Blair. Only the first two items are officially on the agenda but everyone is talking about the third and the good news is that although the issue of EU president won't be discussed officially, probaby at a special summit after the Treaty of Lisbon has been finally ratified, it looks like the Europeans just don't want the spin and grin man. At least that was according to a news report I have just watched on "Deutsche Welle".

It would appear that a lot of Europeans are still upset at the way Blair followed Bush in 2003 and it seems that they don't really think that he is "European" enough. Of course, he isn't, and putting his war crimes to one side for a minute, which is not an easy thing to do, there is also the argument of why should a man who kept Britain out of the single currency, a man who refused to sign "Shengen", be the European president? That might be the question that a lot of European leaders are asking themselves and who knows, there might even be one or two who are upset and his efforts to get everyone to support what was an illegal war in 2003.

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