Monday, October 26, 2009

Planned deportation of children born to foreign workers

Israel does not really have an immigration policy except, of course, that which is embodied by the Jewish right of return ('Aliyah') to 'Eretz Yisrael'. Therefore, what do we expect a state that has being pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing against the native population to do when it comes to about 1,000 children who were born to foreign workers?

Well, the obvious solution would be simply to deport them. However, hold on, Israel is a democratic country and in most democratic countries those children would be exempt of deportation because of their automatic citizenship. Of course, in 'Eretz Israel, they join the millions of others who do not have that right. Yes, once again, that conundrum, the so-called "Jewish democracy" reveals itself as the oxymoron it is and it really would take the most mindless, myopic, moron to think otherwise.

Still, they like to continue the pretence and don't they just love to ingratiate themselves with the West when it comes to showing all and sundry that they are humane, just, fair and democratic? Yes, they do, and the news is that the move to expel the children has been opposed by the Labour faction in the 'knessent'. Now, I don't know what this will lead to although it can't lead to citizenship. No, we can almost imagine Israel biting the bullet, letting the 1,000 children stay, giving them a residence permit that will allow them even less rights than those Palestinians who have Israeli passportswhile hoping that we will all take notice of this wonderful little "democracy". Or, who knows, they might build a little settlement for them on the West Bank or just send them all over the border to Gaza.

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