Saturday, October 10, 2009

Susan Rice another American hypocrite

Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the UN, has said that Goldman's report is "unbalanced and unacceptable". Now, if this protégé of the Zionist Madeleine Albright, says this then our conclusion would have to be that the manner in which the report accuses Israel of war crimes is anything but exaggerated even without the some 1,400 dead in Gaza, including hundreds women and children, and the thousands of injured, to substantiate that conclusion.

This is a lady who epitomises that hypocrisy which invariably accompanies American foreign policy and seeks to cover its true goals. A lady who feels compelled to tackle a genoicide in Dafur, because in doing so "Uncle Sam's" geopolitical goals can be facilitated, but "who not only did nothing to stop the Rwandan genocide in 1994, but also served to obstruct or prevent action." Now we have her swearing that if she were ever faced with a similar situation she would support immediate dramatic action.Unfortunately, for Ms Rice we have Intelligence reports that show that she and her boss, Mr Clinton, both knew of the Hutu's plans long before the slaughter reached its peak.

She fell in line with her political masters and they choose to do nothing and why they choose to do nothing is a matter of some speculation. However, we would do well to dismiss those who argue that "Uncle Sam" has no real interests in Rwanda, which they say is a country with few natural resources. However, there is enough evidence to suggest that, in turning a blind eye to the genoicide there, the United States was destabilising the whole of Central Africa. Rwanda is only one part of a much bigger region that is, indeed, very rich in natural resources. Indeed, today Ms Rice and her backers in Washington are turning a blind eye to the on-going slaughter of millions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to the persecution of Hutus in Rwanda and the Congo and to Museveni's ethnic cleansing of the Alcholi in northern Uganda and it is, indeed, all because of the area's mineral wealth.

However, now Washington has a direct link to the criminals, criminals such as Yoweri Musevini in Uganda and Paul Kagame in Rwanda. However, these are "Uncle Sam's" men in Africa. Their activities in their own countries will not be criticised by the White House; all the more so since they are doing ever so well in destabilising the Democratic Republic of the Congo where millions are being massacred and while Paul Kagame, in particular. establishes his own bragging rights in the North Kivu region, American coorporations plunder the mines there. Ms Rice knows this and she is again silent on the human rights abuses that are being committed. The hypocrisy is disgusting and when this lady talks about a report being "unbalanced and unacceptable" we can be quite sure that the opposite is the case even without having seen the massacres on you tube and elsewhere with our own eyes.

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