Thursday, October 15, 2009

Will Tony become EU president?

We would be wrong to think that Tony Blair is only interested in the lots and lots of money that he gets  from speaking engagements, consultant fees and the ROI on his property interests. No, Tony needs a "real" job and writing his memoirs isn't really a "real" job, despite the $7.3 million advance he has received on his book.

Tony's "real" job is Special Envoy to the Mideast Quartet (EU, Russia, UN, US) and the extent of how seriously he actually takes that job is should not be deduced from the fact that he only spends about one week a month in the region. Indeed, not only does Tony know when to be absent, for instance, he was spotted at a special private opening of the Armani store in Knightsbridge when Gaza was being torn apart at the beginning of the year, but he also knows when it is time to stand up and be counted and on the 7th October, in response to a direct question while giving a lecture at New York University Tony joined his Zionist mates and rejected the Goldstone report as unbalanced. The man, a war criminal, is, of course, a joke and, as far as the Palestinians are concerned, he is certainly a bad joke.

There is hope that Tony will soon be resigning from his job and it might even be that he, or some of his mates, sense that he might be more "useful" elsewhere. Yes, there must be somewhere, where a man of Tony's calibre can make a really "worthwhile" contribution. After all, is he not the man who managed to drag the UK into an illegal war that has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions? Yes, Tony needs a new stage and there is evidence to suggest that he might be lining himself up for the job of EU president. Now, that would be a nice little number with the total package, including salary, accommodation and expenses, for the job coming to about three and a half million pounds over two consecutive terms of two and a half years.

Fortunately, Tony still hasn't got the job and, with a number of the smaller European countries not wanting him to get it, it woud appear that his fate is increasingly in Angela Merkel's hands. Well, she might just decide that, with Sarkozy and Berlosconi, Europe already has its quota of narcissistic egonmaniacs and that there is no place for Tony "two faced" Blair in this circus. That, of course, will mean that our "foot lose and fancy free" war criminal can go back to what he is good at, namely, licking Zionist ass in Jerusalem. However, it might just be that in Washington and Jerusalem it has already been decided that he will be more useful in Brussels and it might just be that the required pressure is already being put on Angie to do the "right" thing and I don't mean have him arrested and dragged to the Hague the next time he sets foot on European soil.

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