Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Building on someone else's land and getting ready to attack Iran

After a point, it is seems almost as pointless writing about it as it does reading about it. However, you cannot just give up, can you? Furthermore, while people might react with a, "so what", "and" or an "I have heard it all before", we really do have to keep making the point, don't we?

Anyway there is Bibi telling everyone again that Iran is a threat not only to Israel but to world peace and there is Moshe Ben Shushan, the chairman of the Gilo community administration, expressing his amazement that the Americans, apparently, are objecting to Israeli plans to build another 900 homes in the Gilo neighbourhood. It doesn't matter one jot that Gilo itself is illegal, that it is beyond the 'Green Line' and that Palestinians are being thrown out of their homes on a daily basis.

Israel, not Iran, is a very serious threat to world peace and, while there are a lot of reasons not to like the mullah regime in Teheran, it is Israel that is breaking international law on a daily basis as it persecutes and kills civilians, as it illegally occupies someone else's lands, as it refuses to disclose and, indeed, dismantle its nuclear arsenal, as it imprisons thousands without trial, as it refuses to give the UN maps of where they dropped cluster bombs in 2006 when bombing the civilian population of the Lebanon, as it ignores UN resolution after resolution,. It is the true story but it is not a new story, it is only a variation of a repetative theme, a theme of theft and murder, of ethnic cleansing and genoicide. It is a story that has very little to do with Iran and it is a story that didn't start with the 900 homes in Gilo. But is anyone listening?

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