Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Piracy and terrorism

This is absolutely unbelievable; 'Haaretz' today reports that IDF special forces took control of an Iranian ship that was heading fro either Syria or the Lebanon and was carrying arms which were intended for Hezbollah.:
"The ship was believed to have set out from Iran and later docked in Yemen and Sudan before sailing through the Suez Canal. Its final destination was believed to be either Syria or Lebanon." Well, there is certainly an element of conjecture indicated in both of those sentences. However, the report goes on, "The Antigua-flagged ship was discovered during routine patrols conducted by the Navy, according to a communiqué from the Israel Defense Forces Spokespersons Unit." However, it is left to the 'Jerusalem Post' to tells us that the ship was "captured near Cyprus".

So, what do we have? well, we have a ship that was flying the Antiguan flag being stopped and boarded in international waters because the Israelis decided that it would not be allowed to carry its cargo to either Syria or Lebanon. Apart from anything else, we should have Antigua complaining to the UN about this, what is essentially an, act of war. The mind boggles and the ball is in our court folks;  we can stop any American ships that are bound for Israel and we suspect of carrying arms.

Of course, it doesn't work like that and when you stumble on stories like this you soon realise that only the tip of the iceberg is being revealed; 'Zionistan's' "chutzpah", its audacity, its disrespect for international law, is right up there with their transatlantic bum chums and on August the 24th the 'Jerusalem Post' ran a story under the headline, "Did Mossad hijack a Russian ship to stop Iran arms shipment" which claims that "pirates were acting in league with the Mossad in order to halt a shipment of modern weapon systems hidden on board and destined for the Islamic republic." The article finishes with a further report that, in March, Israeli forces reportedly struck a weapons convoy in Sudan, some 1,400 km. from the Jewish state. According to CBS, the weapons were intended for Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Nearly 40 people were killed in that attack." Pirates and terrorists, a rogue state, and the world turned upside down!

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