Friday, November 27, 2009

sovereignty; two unrelated pieces of news

Today's 'Haaretz'; "Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Thursday ordered the IDF to issue a temporary freeze order, but at the same time allowed the construction of 28 new public buildings in settlements."My advice to the Palestinians; breed like rabbits, forget this nonsense about a two state solution and start getting loud about one state for all the people. Or if you cannot get around to that, at least think of some strategy because believe me the Zionists have theirs and it hasn't changed one bit since 1948.

The other piece of news that has caught my attention is the British govenrment's outrageous decision uphold the order to extradite Gary McKinnon, who is accused of  breaking into US military and Nasa computers. The 'Independent' reports: "The case has highlighted concerns about the Extradition Act 2003 which critics maintain erodes the rights of individuals in Britain without a similar concession being given in the US. They argue that Britons can be extradited without any assessment of the evidence against them and on cases so weak that they would never reach court at home." On the other hand, American authorities only have to produce an arrest warrent to get someone extradited. Yes, the decision by the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, is just one more indication of Britain surrendering sovereignty to Washington.

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