Monday, November 2, 2009

Yaakov (Jack) Teitel

Well Israel is beginning to discover its "Jewish terrorists" and we are informed that the authorities had known about Yaakov (Jack) Teitel for a long time before he was finally arrested a couple of days ago. "A couple of days ago"; in 1997, he confessed to murdering an Arab shepherd and an Arab taxi driver in East Jerusalem but was then released from police custody due to a lack of evidence. Yes, there they were sitting there with their confession but they released him because they didn't have enough evidence and anyway it was only Arabs that he killed.

Anyway, six years later, he was trying to bomb a Palestinian home near Ramallah and the following year, in 2004, he was turning to poison as a way of disposing of Arab villagers. However, no one was injured, so Jack remained foot loose and fancy free and gradually he was to begin to turn into a nasty "Jewish terrorist"; in 2006 he attacked a police station in an attempt to deter the police from providing security for a gay pride rally that was scheduled in Jerusalem, in 2007 he planted a bomb close to a monastery because "he heard that the monastery was seducing Jewish children with candies" but, hey, what are a few Arabs, Gays and Christians? However, Jack's hatred knew no bounds and when a booby-trapped gift basket which he sent in March 2008 to a family of American messianic Jews  exploded and badly injured the family's 15-year-old son and when he tried to bomb the prominent Israeli professor and peace activist, Zeev Sternhell, it was time for Jack to be brought to justice. Yes, the evidence would seem to suggest, that Jack's big problem was that he started to target non Arabs. Something, which, the journalist, Avi Issakarov, pointed out when he said, "the Teitel case points to a glaring double standard when police investigate the deaths of Palestinians as compared to those of Jews. “His big mistake, it seems, was targeting non-Arabs as well,” writes Issakarov. “The (justifiably) prevailing feeling among Palestinians in the West Bank is that their blood is of no consequence.”

Certainly there is no little truth in what Mr Issakarov says but it is hardly a revelation. More importantly is how Israel is now dealing with this "Jewish terrorist" and there is the media proclaiming to all and sundry that he was a "foreign element," "wild thorn" and "rotten apple, a psychopath who acted on his own. Even his family have disowned him. Moreover, we already have his lawyers saying that he is unfit to stand for trial that he is not the full shilling and that he believes he was working on behalf of God. Good one, Jack, after all the state of Israel proclaims that that same God gives them similar rights. One wonders, if a Palestinian bomber would have the audacity to offer a defence like this. No, and another truth that needs to be heard is that voiced by the Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, who says that "the settlements and especially the illegal outposts where Teitel lived and hid his weapons, along with the Kahanist settlement of Kfar Tapuah where he got his start - these are the places for such dangerous nuts." Yes, down in Zionistan they would do well to head their scriptures and the evidence would really seem to suggest that you reap what you sow.
The picture shows Jack not really understanding the world anymore but don't worry Jack, you are mad, and they will find a nice place for you to sit for five or six years while you are getting better.

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