Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don't let him get away with it

John Pilger writes in his article, 'Normalising the Crime of the Century' that the reason behind the Chilcot Inquiry is to "normalise an epic crime by providing enough of a theatre of guilt to satisfy the media so that the only issue that matters, that of prosecution, is never raised." He then indicates that Blair will give us a perfect performance when he plays his disgusting disgusting part in this theatre, saying that he will "dutifully absorb the hisses and boos." Yes, I do not doubt that Mr Pilger is hitting the nail on the head and his statement that "all “inquiries” into state crimes are neutered in this way", would seem to suggest that he is indeed speaking with the wisdom that hindsight affords us.

However, his contention that the media has to be satisfied is interesting and I am reminded that while the mainstream media does indeed manufacture consent, it cannot always ignore public opinion. It was the public outcry despite a mass media that is particularly good at doing its job of brainwashing the majority that kept the crimes of Blair and company on the agenda and it was that outcry that has resulted in this inquiry. Therefore, while Mr Pilger is, no doubt, right in his assertion that the media will be left satisfied and Blair will be forced to show himself as thicked skinned, it is, nevertheless, up to the public to move onto the next stage and that next stage means having Blair prosecuted. Let us, at least, hope that the manufacturers of consent cannot fool all of the people all of the time and who knows, maybe, just maybe, the issue of prosecution will be raised.


Anonymous said...

I find Pilger's use of the term "the media" is a little too lazy for my likening, and is in danger of diluting the point he makes. What do you think?

James Nelson said...

the adjective "mainstream" or rather "mainstream media" as a compound noun, might have been more appropriate. however, considering the issue will in fact also disappear from the alternative media within a few weeks, perhaps, "media" is enough.
moreover,it is pilger's style and i am sure that he differentiates between, say "real news" and "fox". whatever, i would have to say that pilger does make his point and the point is quite simply that this inquiry will ultimately constitute a whitewash of what was a massive war crime