Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting rid of the people

Apparently with American financing and help Egypt is building a six mile wall along the Rafah border. The wall will include a steel section which will go twenty to thirty metres below the ground and thus provide a barrier to all tunneling activities.

In the meantime the Egyptian government is becoming more and more like their Zionist chums with Cairo telling 'Al Jazeera' that "bulldozers and construction workers in the area are carrying out routine maintenance work." Of course, they are lying through their back teeth just as their masters in Jerusalem are when they claim that their existence is being threatened by arms smuggling through the tunnel. Therefore, what is the reason for blocking this last lifeline that Gaza has to the outside world?

For my part, I can only speculate at the moment. Nevertheless, while we might be tempted to put it down to pure vindicitiveness and a willingness to punish anyone who dares resist them, we can also be reasonably sure that there is a strategy behind their actions. Moreover, with the thousands who are faking illness to get out of Gaza most probably only representing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of those who want to leave, that strategy might be deduced. Indeed, there is evidence to suggest that emptying Gaza of its Palestinian population is going to prove easier than doing the same on the West Bank. Yes, it could even be that Netanyahu's "Palestinian state", will be exlusively a motley collection of Jerusalem controlled "Bantustans" on the West Bank.

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