Friday, December 18, 2009


The sign above the main entrance gate to Auschwitz, "Arbeit macht Frei", has been stolen, Peres reminds the Polish Prime Minister of the sign's historical significance for the Jewish state and Yosi Levy, an Israeli Foreign Minister official, expresses his faith in the Polish police and their ability to apprehend the "inhuman thieves" and get the sign back. Of course, some of you might be thinking that they could always put up a replica.

One wonders if these people actually believe that they are the advocates for those who were gassed in a chamber of horrors that really does epitomise man's inhumanty to man? Indeed, such inhumanity is degraded by refering to the stealing of a sign as "inhuman". No, I suggest that Mr Peres and Mr Levy get involved in an organisation that might facilitate the decedents of those who had their land stolen being allowed to return to that land and who knows, they might start to understand the meaning of "inhuman" and we might even have a few street signs and town names, being put back up in their rightful places. Most certainly, the Palestinians won't even object to those signs being replicas.

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