Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lieberman says that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism

It really cannot get any more perverse, can it? In today's 'Haaretz' we have a report of Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli Foreign Minister, saying that the new anti-Semitism is directed at Israel rather than Jews. Now, let us forget for one second that many of those who criticise Israel are in fact Jews and let us forget that I don't really give a toss whether it is Jews or Christians or Arabs or Buddhists or Athiests who are stealing and killing and maiming, while not forgetting that it is the thieving and murdering that I am criticising. It is Israel, full stop, end of story, who is doing this; yes, it is Israel that has being actively pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing for the last 60 years, it is Israel that has illegal WMDs, it is Israel that is occupying someone elses land against international law, it is Israel who is bullying, imprisoning and killing innocents. Now, Mr Lieberman get off of your hobby horse, please. Quite simply, the international community is no longer willing to be blinded by this piffle, by this drivel, by this nonsense.

Using Lieberman's "logic", or rather lack of logic, Finkelstein, Klein, Chomsky, Pappe and yes, Goldstone and thousands of other of Jews around the globe and in Israel itself are no longer just "self-hating Jews" but are in fact also anti-Semitics. What a fool but the bigger the fool is anyone who falls for this crap and, what about Mr Lieberman's further contention that these "anti-Semitics want to  "delegitimize Israel". Well, my understanding of that one would be that if you break international law, time and time again, then you are actually delegitimizing yourself. Now, please, Mr Lieberman stick your "anti-Semitic" drivel up your arse and please refrain from anymore outpourings of verbal diarrhea, it is actually quite offensive to my tastes apart from anything else.

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