Monday, January 18, 2010

Guido meets Avigdor

Bibi's in Berlin telling Angie that "a regime that oppresses its people ... cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons."Angie grins and Bibi grins and in the meantime Avigdor Lieberman the Israeli Foreign gets to meet Guido Westerwelle and the war criminal, Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Bark has a wee "tête-à-tête' with his German counterpart Karl-Theodor zu Guttenber. In Berlin it is easy to remind all and sundry of that pretext that the Zionists sell as central to its "raison d'etre"and off went Guido and Avigdor to visit the Holocaust memorial.

Guido is a homosexual and the fly on the wall was telling me that, while they were walking around, Avigdor told Guido that he had heard that gays were also persecuted by the Nazis and that maybe they should have a state of their own too.  However, Guido said that he and all of his fellow gays were quite happy living in a part of the world where homosexuals were no longer discriminated against, while adding that the whole idea was absurd. He asked: "Where would they put the state and surely it is not demographically viable? Avigdor began chewing the cud and my friend, the fly, told me that you could see that his mind was working overtime before he answered Guido with a simple wry smile and a shrug of the shoulders.

In the meantime, it has been reported that the first World Lesbian Conference has passed a resolution laying claim to the Greek island of Lesbos but, surprise, surprise the news from the Island's capital Mytilene is that the 90,000 or so hetros who live there don't want to make way for them. We shouldn't be surprised if, in the not too distant future, we read of a Lesbian delegation visiting Israel for advice.

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Karin said...

I had to grin from the first to the last word while reading your article - right on the button, smack in the face!!
Guido and Avigdor ... I get the shivers when I only think of this combo - I wonder if Gudo did his homework prior to this tete-a-tete (I seriously doubt it).
And Bibi with Angie .. don't even get me started!!

I wholeheartedly share your view!!