Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monitoring the NGOs and defaming the defamers

Sometimes I am left wondering why countries, like the People's Republic of China, the Democratic Republic of Korea, the Sudan, Uganda and elsewhere where human rights are trod upon, don't set up a little organisation and call it 'NGO Monitor' and then set about monitoring nasty biased 'Amnesty International', horrible, prejudiced 'Human Rights Watch' and anyone else who dares to criticise their abuses of human rights. Possibly they don't because they know that there is something behind the criticism and that the only way to counter accusations is for their government spokesman to deny them, tell the international community that its none of their business or even say that these abuses are necessary.

Not Israel and not our Zionists though, and what did I discover on reading an article in the 'Jerusalem Post' under the title "Resetting Europe-Israel relations"? Well, there was the author of the article maintaining that Spain taking over the EU presidency from Sweden offers an opportunity for the EU to adopt a more balanced approach to our hard done by Zionists, while adding that a source of tension that must be addressed is "the massive European funding provided to a small number of Israeli political groups that exploit the language of human rights, peace and development. These government-supported "nongovernmental organizations" (NGOs) are leading the campaigns that promote demonization of Israel and boycotts, using false allegations of "war crimes," "collective punishment" and "apartheid."And surprise, surprise and when we get to the end of the article we discover that the author of the piece heads 'NGO Monitor' and teaches political science at Bar-Ilan University. Of course, there are no "false allegations", there were war crimes, there is apartheid and collective punishment is par for the course.

Therefore, a little bit of research on the "mysterious" head of 'NGO Monitor' is required and what do we discover? Well, his name is Gerald Steinberg  and he founded the "Programme on Conflict Management and Negotiation" at his university, well we know how Israel manages conflict and how it negotiates, and when he is not busy "monitoring" human rights organisations or "teaching" and "researching" he is writing drivel for the mainstream Zionist press; "from Dreyfus to Goldstone" is a must read for those of us who are interested unadultared Zionist piffle of the "everbody is against us" variety. He actually writes in the said article: "Most of Goldstone’s evidence repeats the claims and publications of more than 50 so-called civil society organizations that claim to promote human rights, but, as a careful look at their activities demonstrates, most of their work is ideologically determined." Right Gerald, "more than 50 NGO's all with a bone to grind against poor little Israel!

Organisations like the 'NGO Monitor' and its Zionist fellow in the US, the 'Anti-Defamation League', have only one purpose and that is to promote the Zionist cause and in different ways to deflect criticism from Israel. For the 'Anti-Defamation League' any critisism of Israel is anti-Semitism and for the 'NGO Monitor' any criticism of Israel is always biased and, as Gerald demonstrates in his "from Dreyfus to Goldstone" article, invariably motivated by anti-Semitism. It does not, of course, wash and they can monitor the NGOs and defame the defamers as much as they want, for not only does Mr Goldstone's "50 NGOs" know the real story, but the rest of us are also becoming increasingly aware

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