Monday, January 25, 2010

Two conferences and one Tony Blair in London this week

This coming Wednesday London plays host to a conference on the Yemen, the following day there is a conference on Afghanistan and on Friday Tony Blair will try to explain away the lies he told to take Britain into an illegal war.

The conferences on the Yemen and Afghanistan will follow an expected pattern and in today's  "Süddeutsche Zeitung" there was one article on what the American Generals want and it is what they want that is really going to shape the next few years on the Hindikush and with the General Petraeus warning that we should expect the war in Afghanistan to end later rather than sooner we might reasonably conclude that we will be confronted with politicians lying for some time to come. Or, hasn't it dawned on anyone that with General Petraeus saying that the USA has to show itself as a reliable partner for Pakistan for what will very probably be a very long time, Obama's promise that the troop withdrawal in Afghanistan will start in 2011, is beginning to look at best like a very empty promise?

Yes, they are all lying and Angela Merkel is even committing treason as she is breaking the German constitution by sending German troops to fight and die on foreign fields. Nevertheless, it has to be accepted that it is going to be difficult to get our hands on these hypocrites, at least for the time being. With Tony, however, it is different and on Friday the only question that matters when he appears in front of the Chilcot Inquiry is; was the war with Iraq illegal? Unfortunately, this is the question that this sham of an inquiry has failed to address. Still, with demonstrations planned, with the inquiry being open to the press, Mr Blair can twist and turn as much as he wants but he is, once again, going to be revealed for the criminal that he is and outiside the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre there will be enough people protesting to remind him of that. This and the fact that there is something called international law might give us hope for the ball is rolling and we might, indeed, see Tony and some of his chums behind bars some day. Moreover, should there even be attempts to achieve this, then we might have all the other hypocrites who are in London this week for the conferencs on the Yemen and Afghanistan at least thinking twice before they open their mouths and lie while, at the same time, committing their countries to a criminal activity.

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