Sunday, February 7, 2010

Christopher Hitchens criticises Gore Vidal and Tony gets a mention too

Having read very little by Gore Vidal it would be demonstrating all the traits of an ingnoramus to pass judgement on his writings. Nevertheless, while his contention that "the Bush administration was 'probably' in on the 9/11 attacks" smacks a little bit too much of one of those conspiracy theories that I would generally prefer to avoid, even the hardly revolutionary CBS news does give us some insight into some rather remarkable failings before the events of September 11th 2001. The tip of the iceberg? Well, if it's coming from CBS news we might just have enought reason to think so. 

Therefore, what is Christopher Hitchen's problem? Well, he doesn't really have a problem and someone who disregards with contempt the contention that "the events of Sept. 11, 2001, were exploited by conservatives to settle accounts with Saddam Hussein and that many Americans have been fooled into war by thinking that Iraq was behind the attacks", has long since sold his soul for coorporate gold. However, while that might be implicit of a criticism of his politics, standing alone it is insufficient when refuting what he says. Of course, first of all identifying what this wordsmith, this versatile vitruoso of vociferous verbosity, is actually saying is not easy if we let ourselves be impressed by the prose of a third class Oxford graduate. Regarding 9/11 Mr Hitchens is not only saying that the Bush administration knew nothing about it, but also that they did not use it to press their agenda.

While we might look at conspiracy theories such as those expounded by Gore Vidal with suspicion, they do, nevertheless, force you to put our thinking caps on. Moreover, while we might discover when doing so that a "grand plan" a "master plan" is at least hard to discern, we will discover that there is a strategy and that there is a plan and that sometimes things can happen that might facilitate pursuing that strategy. The real problem with Mr Hitchens is that not only does he conveniently ignore that fact, he also actually willingly goes along with that plan. Indeed, while his fellow alumni, Tony Blair, facilitated mass murder by articulating the pseudo political arguments for a neo-conservative crusade, Mr Hitchens provides those pseudo intellectual arguments without which that crusade would be difficult to maintain. Indeed, the only argument that those two could have would be one on religion, where Tony can grin and spin about his faith and Christopher can refute him with that type of verbal diarreah that, while not always incoherrent or incohesive, is hardly necessary when talking to members of the Jesus brigade.

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