Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crimes and War Crimes

Well it might be that they have got him for "illegally double-billing charities and a government ministry for the same flights he booked through Rishon Tours, sending them falsified receipts for travel expenses and using the surplus to finance personal and family trips abroad." Yes, It would appear that there are documents that prove that Ehud Omert has committed theft. So, what does this mean? Well, there appears to be a lot of evidence that he also accepted illicit funds over many years from an American business Morris Talansky and really we shouldn't start surfing this one and the evidence would indeed seem to suggest that we are dealing with an immoral common criminal.

However, Ehud is no common criminal. He is a war criminal and as documents come to the fore that testify that he is a common crook, we have long since had more than enough evidence that that he is guilty of much more than mere theft. Or, have we already forgotten the illegal bombing of civilians in the Lebanon in July 2006, which is epitomised by the carnage at QanaAlright, memories are short and all the more shorter when it comes to Zionist crimes. However, what about Gaza and the indiscriminate slaughter of innocents and Omert's role in that slaugher? And, yes, we have the documents and we have the evidence. Or are dead civilians not evidence enough? Yes, Olmert might very well be in the process of being unmasked as a common criminal, a petty little thief who is even capable of stealing from his own. Nevertheless, one cannot help thinking that he won't be feeling too uncomfortable facing those charges because, thief, petty criminal and mass murderer he might be, but he is not a complete fool. We might at least suspect that Ehud Olmert knows that he is a lucky man to be facing charges of corruption in a Jerusalem court instead of being accused of war crimes in the Hague. Still, will be nice to see the smug, arrogant twat being at least reduced to a common criminal in Jerusalem.

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