Thursday, February 18, 2010

How many civilians have been murdered?

The 'Guardian' writes: "Six Nato service members and one Afghan soldier have been killed since the operation in Marjah, the hub of the Taliban's southern logistics and drug-smuggling network, began on Saturday. About 40 insurgents have been killed, said the provincial governor, Gulab Mangal." "Said the provincial governor, Gulab Mangal" and coming from a member of a government that has just committed and gotten away with a massive election fraud, we might do well to question the accuracy of that statement.

What we do know, however, is that with NATO  confirming 15 civilian deaths in 'Operation Moshtarak' and Afghan rights groups saying at least 19 have died, even a more conservative estimate would have civilians accounting for one third of the total dead. Of course, if we consider that the Afghan rights groups are talking about "at least" 19 dead civilians and if we take into account that it is a certain Gulab Mangal, a government official, who is telling us that "about" 40 Taleban have been killed, we can safely assume that the percentage of civilians in the total number of fatalities is probably closer to 50% than 33%. Indeed, it might even be that some of the dead "insurgents" are no more than adult males who happened to be in the wrong part of Marjah at the wrong time. 

Yet, they continue spoonfeed us with their daily drivel and we "learn" that Marines and Afghan soldiers have "been forced to hold their fire because insurgents are shooting from inside or next to mud-walled compounds where civilians are present — and restraint slows their advance." Yes, the "insurgents" are to blame for the civilians dying and not the people who are actually killing them and with Senior Marine officers saying that "they have intelligence showing that more than 120 insurgents have been killed since the fighting began", we might at least conclude that Mr Mangal's figure is at least slightly inaccurate, while also deducing that quite a number of the so-called "insurgents" are in fact civilians. War crimes are being committed in Marjah today.

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