Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Derek Hatton the New Labour Bastards and the Red Flag

Old habits do indeed die hard and there was me watching a BBC news interview with the ex-Trotskyist turned, turned and well-turned capitalist, Derek Hatton. My mind drifted back to this comical working class hero and his days as the flamboyant deputy leader of Liverpool City council. Suits of the sort more at home on those who were cutting a dash in a Roman cafe or in London City were his trade mark, "hypocrite", I thought and now there he is, the man who runs a property company in Cyprus and drives a £60,000 Range Rover, having rejoined the Labour Party telling us all that he hopes to become its Deputy Leader and here is a real worthy successor to John Prescott, another veritable horny handed son of toil and one with the crudest of crude educations.

Anyway back to the interview and there was Derek in his thick scouse accent explaining why the working class will vote Labour at the next election. "It's in the blood", it's what you are brought up to do, it's our party." Don't be silly be a smarty, come and join the Labour Party and benefits can include; "cash for influence", "dipping your hand into the taxpayers money", and, if you get up there where David is going, just a bit more than a £60,000 Range Rover.; the sky is indeed the limit don't even have to get where Tony got, John's job is enough, easy street and you could pocket yourself millions and millions and millions.

However, he is not wet behind the ears, our Mr Hatton and there they are the working class, lining up, getting ready steady go, in their droves, "It's in the blood", it's what you are brought up to do, it's our party," and Brown might even get back in and there they will all be standing up in Parliament singing their song to the tune of the "the Red Flag": "The working class can lick my arse, I have got the boss's job at last." It used to be the foreman's job but these lads really do make up in ambition what they lack in education and we should have seen it coming ....... "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

Still before it is too late my plea to the horny handed sons of toil, listen to the fucking words, especially to the bit about human rights and human gains, and where there is hope .......

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