Thursday, March 4, 2010


The journalist Yossi Sarrid writes in this morning's 'Haaretz' that "Lieberman will be remembered as a disgrace to Israel" and then goes on to highlight a number of allegations he faces regarding bribery, fraud, money laundering and nepotism. All of them true, no doubt, but the question has to be asked, who will remember Avigdor Lieberman outside Israel? After all, he is not that unusual in Israel but then Israelis appear to have short memories except for when they are using and abusing 'Holocaust' memory or "their" own conjured up 4,000 year history to justify crimes that are just a little bit bigger than fraud, bribery, money laundering and nepotism. 

Yes, they have already forgotten the bribery scandal faced by Sharon and the corruption charges that are being levelled against Olmert. However, that is not that important Mr Sarrid and outside Israel Mr Lieberman, along with Sharon and Olmert, will not be particularly remembered for anything apart from the fact that they have responsibiliy for much bigger crimes than those listed above and as things stand at the moment Sharon will perhaps be remembered for the murders at Qibya in 1953, Shatila and Sabra in 1982 and the slaughter at Jenin in 2002 and Olmert, perhaps, for the indiscriminate bombing of innocent civilians, which is epitomised by the saughter at Qana, in the Lebanon in 2006,  and for the murder of men, women and children in Gaza. Of course, their crimes and others committed by Zionists from Ben Gurion to Tzipi Livni will be remembered and in remembering them we will not think of them as being a "disgrace to Israel" but rather we will come to the conclusion that Israel is a disgrace to humanity and really you we are not that interested in your petty criminals who probably don't even realise that fraud, bribery, money laundering and nepotism are wrong. After all, they genuinely think ethnic cleansing and mass murder is normal.

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