Thursday, March 18, 2010

Netanyahu says that Obama is not an antisemite and Peres tells Ashton that the Palestinians agree to settlements being built on their land

Benyahmin Netanyahu's brother-in-law, Hagai Ben-Artzi, accuses Obama of being an antisemite and Bibi distances himself from the accusation. With David Axelord as his chief advisor, with Rahm Emanuel as the White House Chief of Staff, with the self-confessed Zionist Joe Biden as his number two and with Hillary "never done pledging her allegiance to Israel", Clinton as his Secretary of State, we hardly need Bibi's refutal to know just how absurd accussing Obama of being an antisemite is. Still, there they are kicking up tantrums, conjouring up imaginary enemies out of die hard friends and it is them, once again, against the big bad world, while the world continues to tolerate and even facilitate this afront to the international community. Ethnic cleansing, illegal occupation, mass murder and they are getting away with it as the daily drivel continues to spout out nonsense such as "Barack Obama does not hate Israel, says Binyamin Netanyahu." And there was me going back to my youth and there was John knocking the stuffing out of Mary and when we all pulled him away from her we were informed in no uncertain terms, "You don't understand, I love that woman," and there was Mary with her broken nose, no doubt, glad that he loved her. With "enemies" like Obama, Israel most certainly doesn't need friends.

Now this really is a nation that is ripe for the couch ; Obama hates them, Biden hates them, even Hillary hates them and Axelrod and Emanuel are self hating Jews and now we have the world trying to interfere in their business and tell them where to build. Nevertheless, with Shimon Peres telling the European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton that the policy of building on occupied land in and around East Jerusalem is being "carried out in accordance with all relevant parties including the Palestinians" and that that policy has "never interfered with the peace process,"maybe the message will get through and maybe, we will all start to understand them and see their side of the story. A side of the story that even Israel's partners in crime, don't quite understand. On the other hand, we might all wake up and realise that these thieves, murderes, liars and hypocrites are an insult to all of us.

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