Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prince Charles visits Afghanistan

Anno 2010 we might expect, at least in the so-called "western democracies", the hooray Henrys to have been condemned to the dustbin of history. However, there is 'Sky News' reporting on Prince Charles's visit to Afghanistan and the outpouring of platitudes from the media, "takes a genuine interest", "self effacing chap", "he wanted to see the culture", "his son was there and he knows how parents feel", are only outdone by those from Prince himself when he "totally appreciates the efforts that everyone makes", while being "totally grateful" for those efforts, efforts which he hopes will, at the end of the day, "come to fruition" "because they jolly well should". Oh, the register is "frightfully awful", so ingratiating, but, of course, that is a question of taste and hardly relevant. What is, of course, relevant is the absurd amount of coverage this visit is given and the publicity and support that this one particular hooray Henry can actually lend to this war, an ongoing civil war on the one hand and on the other a war of aggression, where, at the end of the day, the efforts of those who are being praised by the "heir to the throne"  should most definitely not "come to fruition". Or at least not where those efforts are lending support to either Karzai's corrupt government or to Washington's geopolitical interests.

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