Friday, March 12, 2010

the Catholic Church paedophilia and celibacy

Referring to the latest spate of sex scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, Father Gabriele Amorth, the Holy See's eighty-five year old Chief exorcist, maintains that it is proof that the Devil is at work inside the Vatican. Well, if that is the case then Mr Devil, alias Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, has been up to his mischief for as long as the Catholic Church has been around. "If that were the case?" However, we would, of course, be a little bit short of the full shilling, if we were to accept the dotty deluded Father's poppycock.

A much more plausible explanation for our pedophile priests might just be the vow of celibacy that they have undertaken, even if the 'God Squad' are already going out of its way to reject that outright, with Cardinal Claudio Hummes from the Roman Curia defending the celibacy by saying that: "Priestly celibacy is a gift of the Holy Spirit which must be understood and experienced with a fullness of feeling and joy, in a total relationship with the Lord." No disagreement with his number one in the 'God Squad', outside the holy trinity itself, Pope Benedict XVI who has also stressed that celibacy is "the sign of full devotion" and of an "entire commitment to the Lord".

Yes, our 'God Squaders' really don't get it, do they and they are hardly likely to have paid any attention to the renegegade Martin Luther, who might just have been committing the sin of onan before throwing that inkwell at the devil. The fact, however is, it is not healthy for a man not to get rid of his sperm one way or the other and it would apear that masturbation might just be as sinful as paedophillia. Benedict's "entire commitment to the Lord", or in other words, "a total committment to a lot of nonsense" is spiritual ballyhoo of the sort that contradicts people's needs. Sometimes those needs can be subdued, ignored or even dismissed as not being essential. With sexual needs, however, this is not possible and, while, our suffering saint might sin by dinging the dong, or having an involuntary wet dream and a go at the devil, well, he might just prefer to use and abuse those in his care and the problem is that it is not a problem they are really sorting out themselves. If we don't stop them, they will still be at it in another hundred years.

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