Friday, April 2, 2010

Cheese factory bombed in Gaza

Three chldren have been injured in Israeli air strikes on Gaza, "injured", not dead, and that is the good news. This time it would appear that civilians on the ground have been spared. However, the real news after the news that the "lucky" Gazans" will be getting shoes and clothes just in time for the hot Gaza summer, is that the Israelis have apparently hit what, according to the 'Guardian', "Hamas officials say is a Cheese factory." Well, the picture that accompanies the report does look a bit like it could be a bombed out cheese factory. However, why would the Israelis want to bomb a cheese factory? Indeed, any suggestion that they might would be a bit like saying they are just vindictive bastards. This must be just some more nasty propanda from 'Hamas' and the news from Jerusalem in the meantime is that the "Cheese factory" was in fact the Palestinians secret nuclear enrichment programme. Yes, those Palestinians better be careful, otherwise they will find themselves going without clothes and shoes again.

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