Sunday, April 4, 2010


Apparently the Hebrew word "Hasbara"might literally be translated as "explanation" although there are those who say that it has no exact translation into any language and that it might be understood as "public diplomacy". Certainly, while the Israeli state's explanations of its crimes invariably leaves a lot to be desired, we can, nevertheless, beleive that it takes its public diplomacy seriously seriously. So much so that there is even an official 'Israel Hasbara Committe'. Of course, the more enlightened of us might view this Israeli instrument for "enlightenment" as nothing more than a euphanism for propaganda and it should come as no surprise that this propaganda instrument has a list of authors who put pen to paper, and in some cases invariably do more, to support the Zionist cause. However, what might surprise us is some of the names that we find on the list. Yes, Alan Dershowitz is, as is to be expected, there and,  no real surprise either at finding both Tony Blair and David Milliband on the list. However, the BBC and the BBC news?

This is their little ruse; they manufacture this seemingly hetrogeneous list of authors and institutions to have us think that they are a platform for a wide range of opinions and would any of us see Tony and David as being part of the same propaganda machine as Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and Alan Dershowitz, do we view the BBC and ABC news as being a part of the same instrument for propaganda as the  IDF Government Office Spokesperson and the Israeli national news?   Nevertheless, the reality is that Tony, David and the BBC are probably more effective vehicles for them disseminating their propaganda than Ariel, Alan and Ehud could ever be.

Firstly, when it is opportune to do, the Zionists will turn around and manufacture their enemies, pointing the finger at Blair, Milliband and the BBC as proof that Israel is under assault from all and sundry and, having manufactured, imaginary enemies the real enemies are demoniized, beyond the pale, outside the bounds of any political correctness. Moreover, while some of us might want to laugh, there is a veneer of sophistication and a global audience that makes the BBC in particular a formidable propaganda instrument. Yes, it is much easier to be seduced by the seemingly "moderate" and "civilised", Tony and David speaking on the "fair" and "balanced" BBC than it is to listen to the ranting and ravings of an Alan Dershowitz or the whining of a Ehud Olmert.

Of course, most people probably know that David, Tony and the BBC are anything but Israel's enemies. However, a lot of them still think that they are making sure that "both sides are being seen and heard and, in believing this, they are actually convinced that the real enemies of Zionism are, unlike David, Tony and the BBC,  a motley crew, indeed some sort of unholy alliance, of raving radicals, muslim militants,  tyrannical terrorists, angry anti-Semites and "self-hating Jews.""Hasbara"

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