Thursday, April 1, 2010

Israel allowing shoes and clothes into Gaza

The Zionist publicity campaign takes shape and Israel will now be pointing to its allowing a shipment of clothes and shoes to be delivered to the Gaza Strip as proof of its magnanimity and its willingness to put those "confidence building measures" required by Washington into place. Oh, there will be no breaks put on the illegal building on the West Bank and East Jerusalem and, indeed, there is still no food going into Gaza. Nevertheless, little Abdullah might get a new pair of shoes and a new pair of trousers and, if she is lucky, Fatima might even get a new school uniform to go to the bombed out building that is her school and when she gets to her classroom, she can sit among forty to fifty other kids who, like her have gnawing stomachs, and nothing to write on.

Yes, there they are in Gaza, deprived of the right amount and type of nutrition, school books, and basic infrastructure and  all Israel and the mainstream media needs to do to really convince the gullible majority, that the Zionist state is a "really generous", "wants to live in peace with its neighbours" state, is take crayons and books off of their long list of controlled goods.  Yes, we will, no doubt, have "Joe Soap" soaking in Daniel Finkelstein's "quality journalism" and telling his mate, "look at the nice Israelis, they are letting clothes and shoes into Gaza, even although terrorists are attacking them from there."

Of course, the temperature is almost 30°c in Gaza today and it will get hotter. One might assume that if the children of Gaza had food in their bellies they would be quite happy to run about half naked while, of course, taking care not to go too close to the Israeli "buffer zone" and, if they decide to go for a swim, making sure they don't get within range of those patrol boats that are stopping their dads from bringing fish home to the family table.  Joe and his mate won't be following this logic. Indeed, they lack the cognitive depth to think further than the bit about "Israel letting shoes and clothes into Gaza". Yes, the manufactures of consent and that the myopic majority that appears gullible enough to fall for the half truths and lies make me think that this latest act in Israel's "little" PR campaign might, indeed have its successes. Oh, and although the evidence would seem to suggest that Marie Antoinette never did say, "let them eat cake", the little fly on the wall is putting out the rumour that Netanyahu has said, "let them eat shoes."

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