Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Mad Jack" and the other Zionist "maddies"

The "Jewish terrorist" Yaakov (Jack) Teitel who, with two murders, three attempted murders and other acts of violence, might not be the novelty in the "Jewish Democracy"  that they would like us to believe. All the more so, with today's news that the Jerusalem district psychiatrist on Tuesday said that Jack's not fit to be to stand trial. That is right; it is now official, Jack is "Mad Jack", which might leave us wondering as to his exact condition and how that condition might be different from his fellow Zionists.

Ah, his condition, and could it be that Jack is a psycopathic religious nutcase with a distorted vision of reality that leads him incapable of seperating right from wrong, thereby confering upon him the right  to do what he considers the "right thing" while being unable to accept that after killing innocent people he is in fact nothing more than a common murderer? Well, if this gets close to the Jerusalem district psychiatrist's diagnosis, then yes,  Jack is indeed mad. However, is he really so different from  those who slaughtered civilians in Gaza last year and deny that they were caught red-handed doing so?  Don't think so somehow and indeed, some might argue that they are even madder than "Mad Jack". At least, Jack doesn't actually deny what he done, unlike, the war criminals who continue to whine ..... "it wasn't us, we didn't do it" or proclaiming that "terrorists" hiding behind children gave them no option. 

Well, no doubt, Jack will be locked up in a nice comfortable sanitorium for a couple of years and, no doubt, he will pump himself up with more religion and more self rightousness. What strange justice and as he is now officially mad we won't even need a reprimand of the sort that was meted out recently to two IDF officers found guilty of killing four innocents Palestinians. A "reprimand", yes that would have Jack worried. However, joking aside what a bunch of schizophrenic, paranoid, living in denial, hypocritical, two-faced, mad freaks! 
The picture shows the now officially "mad" Jack giving the victory sign, with a smiling face that says, "you won't get me, I am part of the union" or words to that effect.

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