Thursday, May 6, 2010

A morally responsible warrior race with killing in its blood

Well, lucky old me; I now receive 'BBC World' on my television. That is right, on the television, not on the computer, which means I can lie sprawled on my couch and watch their drivel and what drivel it can be too!

Anyway, there was me yesterday evening, lying sprawled on the said couch, supping my tea and sort of watching a discussion about Britain at war. Not so much a discussion but there they were interviewing a couple of right wing loonies about mighty "Blighty's role in the world and there was Douglas Hurd telling us all that "we are a warrior race", while not to be outdone a certain General Sir Michael Jackson chipped in with "the British army is good at what it does" and that fighting wars is "somewhere in the national DNA" before going on to say that Britain should be aware of its international responsibilities "in a moral sense". Mmmm .... "warrior race", which has "killing people" in its DNA" and is "morally aware." What  utter unadultarated nonsense.

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