Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Israeli civil law does not apply to the occupied territories

A particular heading in 'Haaretz' caught my eye today; "Aschkenazi parents refuse to let daughters study with Shepardi girls in violation of court." The school is in the occupied West Bank. Apart from bringing into view one of the many "racist" cesspits that exist in the so-called "Jewish Democracy", it forces us to think about a couple of issues which we might connect with this charade.

Firstly, the parents have refused to recognise the court order because, we are told, ".... whenever there is a faith-oriented religious dispute, the rabbis' decisions overrule the courts "which is more powerful than the decision of any other authority." Of course, this sounds as if we are getting despicably close to some sort of Jewish "Sharia" being applied here and the more level-headed among us might intuitively side automatically with the Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy who said on tuesday that "No court verdict requires the approval of any rabbi." However, if we do that we are missing out on a far more important point. These are occupied territories, Israeli civil law is illegal in the West Bank and the real farce is not this little charade itself but rather the fact that an Israeli judged actually believes he has jurisdiction over illegally occupied land.

Of course, what the Aschkenazi parents could do, is deny the Supreme Court the right of jurisdiction in the occupied territories. Of course, a move like that would leave our zany Zionists in a bit of a pickle as they would also, of course, be denying their own "right" to be there in the first place. The more one looks at the whole shebang from the "Tel Avivan bubble" to the mythical Judea and Samaria, the more we realise that this oxymoronic conundrum is little more than a house of cards.

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