Thursday, June 10, 2010

On yesterday's theme

Continuing on yesterday's theme; the 'Guardian' reports Eytan Schwartz, a spokesman for Tel Aviv, saying to Spain's 'El Mundo' newspaper: "Don't they know that Islamist fundamentalists don't just want to finish off Israel but that they also believe homosexuals should 'cure themselves' or die?" Eytan is, of course, right and he might have a point if it were not for the fact that this has nothing to do with "Islamist fundamentalists". This Eytan is all about people depriving other people of their basic human rights and their dignity. Furthermore, Eytan, coming from a minority themselves that has in the past been deprived of its basic human rights and dignity, that is the message that the parade organisers were trying to send to you. One can only repeat oneself, "there are no bubbles."

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