Sunday, June 27, 2010

Putting Gilad Shalit into perspective

The 'Guardian' reports: "Thousands of Israelis are expected to join a 12-day march across the country beginning today to put pressure on their government to secure the release  Gilad Shalit, the soldier abducted by Hamas four years ago." The "other side" of the story and isn't it just so unjust that the Hamas terrorists are keeping this young lad in  captivity? After all, he was only wearing an IDF uniform, the same uniform worn by the murdering hoardes who invaded Gaza some 18 months ago, the same uniform worn by the bully boys in the illegally occupied territories, the same uniform worn by the pirates who boarded the MV Mavi Marmara.

The "other side" of the story? There is, of course, no "other side" to this story and yes, Gilad, should go home to his mother and father, providing the Israelis, at least, release the thousands of prisoners they illegally hold and wouldn't it be nice if another, extra, little gesture was to be seen? Well, we are not going to get a proper inquiry into Jerusalem's piracy on the high seas and we are not going to see the bully boys retreat from the occupied territories but who knows, maybe, just maybe, Gilad might sign an affidavit saying that he will never wear an IDF uniform again and maybe, just maybe, he might even tell us that he condemns the crimes that have been perpertrated by Israel and we might, just might, see some of the criminals brought to justice for their illegal blockade of Gaza and the slaughter which took place their last year. The band played believe it, if you like and the fly on the wall told me that the academic caution which I am exercising, while well advised, is more indicative of my suffering from a serious bout of misplaced wishful thinking.

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calgacus said...

Absolutely right - i think the number of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons at any one time is still around 10,000, with torture fairly common and many prisoners being women, children or political prisoners rather than members of any armed or terrorist group.

Hamas are being fairly cynical too though by demanding that senior members of their armed wing be released in return for freeing Shalit, rather than starting with the women ,children and political prisoners.